“Carl has been there and done that; and shares all of his experience and passion with you! He is thorough and it is obvious that he knows what he is doing and is dedicated to helping you learn. A real professional that you can count on ”


“Carl took the time to get to know me, and began to feel so comfortable with him. It was perhaps the best experience I have ever had with a teacher for singing. I received great information and techniques.”


“Unbelievable. I realized how little I knew. I think you should just send everyone to him.”

Paul M

“Carl helped prepare my son for an upcoming audition and it made a big difference in his ability and confidence in just one lesson!”

Toby S

“I have had 7 singing teachers, and none of them compare to Carl. I told him about my past experiences with my teachers and he understood the frustration I felt. He genuinely cares about his students' personal goals and really pushes you to be you. I feel so relieved that I found Carl. I'd recommend him to any singer at any level!”


“If you are hesitating or unsure of your abilities, Carl is the teacher to give you confidence and solid teaching.! I would highly recommend him as an instructor.”

Robin B

“I felt very comfortable with Carl. I was nervous about singing and he assured me that even the best of them gets nervous! He was very patient, understanding, and he means what he says, which makes me at ease knowing he is there to help and not there to give artificial compliments. Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to singing and you can tell that he thoroughly enjoys teaching as well as singing himself. I look forward to continuing my vocal lessons with him and excited to see what the future holds in my singing career!”

Mariah S

“Carl is very knowledgeable and a great teacher. I had previously purchased other CD and Online courses and they don't even come close to what I've learned so far. ”


“Working with Carl has been a great experience! Along with his patience and positive attitude he also knows what is best for the voice to help it grow. ”


“My first lesson was a success with Carl and I'm super excited for the future lessons I have with him!!! ”


“Carl is an excellent teacher, never thought i'd ever be able to sing but I improved within the first few lessons. He's very knowledgeable on performances as a singer. And just how to simply sing correctly; I highly recommend Carl, he goes above and beyond Great teacher! Ive learned so much just from our first lesson. Im excited for the lessons to come! ”

Jacob T

“Carl taught me what no other voice teacher did and I had few of them. He knows the best techniques and how to get the best out of your voice in a short time. I highly recommend him. He knows all the secrets of beautiful singing. ”

Joe K

“Carl is an excellent instructor! He is very patient, encouraging, and gives you the tools to become a better singer. I couldn't ask for a better instructor, thank you for everything Carl!”

Amanda S

“Carl has been fantastic. I just completed my third lesson and my voice has been completely transformed. Couldn't recommend him more.”

Barry J

“Got my first computer diagnosis of my singing voice and what a blast. Carl used it as a basis to show me what my tongue, soft palate, lips, and jaw do when I'm singing really well. He's my fourth singing teacher, and my best.”

Stan A

“I used to do only pantomime, but Carl showed me how to do it with my own voice singing, which I didn't know I could do. Now I'm one of the most popular singers in my community theater group. How can I really thank him. Thank you anyway, Carl.”

Franklin B

“Improved performances. Carl has helped me achieve Standing Ovations at my performances. I am, also, singing with greater confidence.”

Anita R

“voice instructor Carl has been extremely helpful in helping me improve my singing. He has been working with me for at least 5 years and is very patient and always willing to help me when I have to perform. He has helped me with the pronunciation of Italian when I have had to sing an Italian song. He also instructs several other people in our community who perform."

Carmen E

“When I first met Carl I told him I love to sing but couldn’t carry a tune. Well he changed that fast. My singing improved to a deeper and more vibrant sound after only two lessons. I’ve now completed the 5 lesson package and the results are nothing short of amazing. Not only can I carry a tune but I do so with a powerful operatic style voice that I didn’t even know I could do. But Carl knew. He brings out the best in you. Carl teaches you techniques that focus on the foundation of voice development. I learned how to increase singing range and to hold notes. Lessons and exercises are very effective. Carl is a professional singing instructor who is committed to his student’s success no matter what level or style of singing. Now I understand why Carl gets such consistently high ratings. Based on my experience it is very well deserved. I highly recommend Carl to help you achieve your singing goals."


“Carl really takes the time to answer your questions and ensure that you understand concepts. He's patient and honest, which I value really highly."


“Carl B. is an outstanding teacher. Very patient and respectful to his students. You can tell Carl knows what he's talking about."


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