Terms & Conditions And Privacy Policy

Anyone may contact the Club at: CarlBourhenne@gmail.com at any time for information, to complain, to withdraw from the Club, or to remove the Member’s information and any materials posted by the Member.

By applying for Membership I certify that I am at least 18 years of age. Because of the many laws regarding minors, the Club chooses not to accept minors as Members at this time. This might change in the future, but for now, that is the Club’s Policy.

Membership may not be transferred or assigned to any other person or entity.
No promises, guarantees, or warranties of any kind are included in this Membership.

The Sing Better FastTM Club and its owners and employees make no claims or promises as to any likelihood of success of any Member, and take no responsibility for any outcomes of Membership, or of actions or interactions by or between Members.

Any promises, recommendations, or predictions by the Club, Club owners, or Club employees are unauthorized and must be disregarded.

The Sing Better FastTM Club performs no investigations or background checks on any Member or their information, either posted on its Web Site or otherwise. Members have full and sole responsibility to perform their own investigations of each other, and have full responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the acceptability, reliability, honesty, and desirability of interacting with each other.

In the event that the Club determines that a Member has violated any of these Terms And Conditions For Membership, the Club may cancel the Membership .

Members alone retain all their copyrights and other intellectual property rights to any materials posted on the site by a Member or Investor.

Sing Better FastTM is not responsible for any damages of any kind as a result of anyone using its web site or programs, products, or services. Members agree to hold the Club and its owners and employees harmless from any legal attacks that might result from their acts.

Members must themselves settle any conflicts that may arise with any other Member or any other persons or entities. The Club will not become involved in any conflicts regarding Members or any other persons or entities.

Members may not post materials that violate the rights of others, including the rights of privacy, intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks and the like. Members may not use the Club, Web Site, or chat rooms to post commercial or spam messages.
Members may not interfere with the use of the Club or Web Site by others by technical or any other means

Any and all referrals by the Club or its owners or employees to any outside service or product are not to be considered as recommendations by the Club, but only as potential suppliers.

Members agree that all disagreements or disputes of any kind between them and the Club will be resolved by binding arbitration only.


Any Member’s personal information is kept private until and unless the Member chooses to reveal it to another Member or other entity.
The Club will not sell, repurpose, or otherwise distribute any Member’s personal information without the Member’s written authorization.

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